Invoices do not show the correct information

Our invoices do not show correct infromation and causes issues with our accounting.

We have been trying to get an resolution about these issues for the last several months. We sent emails to @sales, @mark-piller and couple other people we had on our contacts list but never ever we got any reply about . absolutley nothing.

And it is frustrating as we are long time paying customers, we put serious amount of time in working with backendless but all our emails being ignored or pushed away really really hits home.

Is the sales team affected by Ukraine war? can we at least have some insights? A simple reply: “hey we are looking into this”? Anyone, anything?


I do not have a single message related to billing that is not resolved. Could you resend your message please?


Hi Mark,

I have just resent you an email I sent a while ago about this. Subject: “Billing information shown monthly statement is incomplete”

Please let me know if you do not have it


I received it and responded via email.


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Thank you