iOS Device registered, but doesn't receive notifications

iOS Device does not receive push notifications, even thought it’s registered in backendless. It worked well during the development with developer certificate, but it no longer works after submitting it to the appstore with production certificate. Does the fact that devices are registered with the production certificate mean that the problem has nothing to do with certificates?

No, a registration is not associated with certificate.

Did you make an universal certificate?

What is a universal certificate? I made “Apple Push Services” one.

We need a time to investigate this issue, we will let you know about a result asap.

I noticed that whenever I select certain devices and send messages, the devices receive notifications. However, when I check ‘iOS devices’ and send a message, no device receives it. Is it possible that this is a system bug?

Please clarify:

  1. If you publish to chosen devices, do they receive the messages?
  2. If you set a publishing to “iOS devices”, for example:

do iOS devices receive the messages?

Could you provide some code: how do you publish a message in described scenarios?

  1. Yes, if I publish to a chosen devices, they receive messages.
  2. No, if I set a publishing to iOS devices, they do not receive messages.

I publish messages via backendless console, I don not publish them in code.

Please update the latest Backendless SDK (pod 3.0.37 release) and try again.
We have checked it with our sample project (see in attachment) archived as Ad Hoc, and it works for us: our devices received the messages from devices, simulators and app dashboard.
You can change Bundle Id, AppId and secretKey with yours and try it, how do it work for you? (20.58MB)