iOS : save to datastore failed because of a BOOL property


My app works properly for a few weeks now. And suddenly, today, I have an error message when I save an object to the datastore :

fault.message=Unable to save object - invalid data type for properties - published.

The “published” property is a BOOL.
I updated the cocoapod to the latest version (3.0.9), same result.
I could replace the BOOL with a NSNumber if that helps, but I don’t want to change the code without a proper reason.

I took a look to the database schema in the dashboard, and I see now that the BOOLEAN “published” field has a default value “NULL”, which I don’t think I set up, and which does not make sense.
When I try and modify it for a “False” default value, the dashboard tells me the modification is a success, but the schema still show “NULL” as default value.

Is there any issue on your hand about that ?
Thank you for your help.

by the way, the app ID is 30D7FA5B-421F-CD39-FF1D-A77C9FDDEA00

Hi Loïc,

With the version of the library you have behavior of the application varies somewhat between 32- and 64-bit systems. Specifically on 32 bit systems Bool properties are recognized as DOUBLE values. This has been fixed and if you grab the latest build of our library from github, it will work consistently for you:


Ok I can confirm that fixed the problem.
I’ll switch back to the cocopod once the new version is released.