iOS (swift) - getPage-nextPage not returning anything in release build

Hello. I followed this doc exactly for paginated data retrieval:
I tried both getPage and nextPageAsync. It works fine on my device while debugging but once i upload it to app store, it returns nothing. The first data query works fine, returns proper result, but once it calls nextPage, it returns error “1900 Entity missing or null”.

Please provide your Application ID, the name of the table you are working with and code example to test on our device.

Regards, Olga.


I just implemented a workaround - instead of using nextPage/getPage methods, I used the method, with pagesize and offset QueryOptions and iterated this method to get the entire dataset from the table. It works fine now.

But of course if you fix this issue, or tell me where i was going wrong, it would be good.
My APP ID is C8AACC79-ED68-42EB-FF4C-B84CA109A600
and the table name is WNationality


The paging mechanism is changing in version 4 of Backendless. Since you found a workaround, please use it. The new approach in version 4 is very similar to the workaround you have.