Is file table gonna be done soon ?

Is the file object gonna be on data table soon ?

Hi Khoo,

There is an integration with File Service from Data Service now available.

Sergey, do you mean column type “file reference”? If yes - is there any documentation/javascript code sample how to use it?

There are no docs yet, as far as I know.

Basically, you create a column of type FILE_REF (this is a new one) and just save String values which are the URLs to the file in File Service.

So, if we saving file url, and also retrieving file url (when object is loaded from db) where is added value in this integration, why not just use string column? I’m obviously missing something here

FILE_REF columns are handled differently from STRING columns on console. Further we’ll also be adding this integration to client SDKs, so that for example in Java you’ll be working with File objects instead of Strings.