Is iOS file download documentation correct?

The iOS file download API says you should use the same URL format as provided when files are uploaded which is described as:<application id>/&lt;REST API key&gt;/files/&lt;path&gt;/&lt;file name&gt;

But when I look at the URL I get back when I save a file that’s not how its constructed, instead of the <REST API KEY> my files return a URL including <iOS API KEY> in the palce of <REST API Key>.

Is this an error in the documentation or the implementation? Or am I missing something?


Hi Chris,

There is something not right here. How do you upload/save files? Do you use REST API or with the SDK for iOS?


I just checked file download and the system will accept any API key instead of the REST key. So the documentation is not precisely correct when it says that it must be the REST API key.

Please keep in mind that the API key used to download the file will determine what security role is checked for permissions. If you use the REST key, then the permissions for the “RestUser” role will be checked and likewise, if you use the iOS key, then it will check the permissions for the “IOSUser” role.