Is it possible to manually raise an event in Backendless?

I need to manually trigger an OnChange Event in Codeless in UI Builder.

I am populating a search field automagically with the results of a clicked object, but the OnChange event is not getting fired for the search field after it’s populated. The search only works if you remove a character from the search field (which triggers the OnChange Event manually).

I would like to avoid making a custom function for the code in the OnChange event, if possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



Hello @Michael_Kadron

I think you can’t trigger the onChange event.
You can add the onChange logic to function and call (with certain conditions) this function when you click on the object.
We will discuss with the team to add support for calling the onChange event for this case.


Hello @Michael_Kadron

In addition, you can create a CustomFunction and then use it in both places in the onChange handler and in the place where you want to trigger the event

Regards, Vlad

Thank you @viktor.liablin and @vladimir-upirov

I will convert to functions and pass in the AppData parameters as-needed.

That would be great if you guys could add a RaiseEvent function (or something similar)!

What would be great too, would be the ability to click on a root block (like onChange block) and copy the entire contents of all of the blocks within for copying to another page and pasting into another event!. (without having to move all of the logic to another temporary root block first.)

Thank you both for your assistance! :slight_smile: