Is there any doc on running unit tests in a Backendless App (Android-Windows)

I can’t find any doc on Unit testing with a backendless project.

I’m trying to get very simple Unit testing working in Android Studio on Windows. I have included in my Gradle file what the Google doc tells me to include :

testInstrumentationRunner ""plus …
Dependencies :
androidTestCompile ‘’
androidTestCompile ‘’
androidTestCompile ‘’
androidTestCompile ‘’
androidTestCompile ‘’

but trying to run my test - or even the supplied example test, I get the error Build FailedTask ‘testClasses’ not found in project ‘:backendless’

Hi, Richard. I believe this question is out of the scope of Backendless Support forum. Looks like it is not the problem with Backendless but your test framework setup.

Acutally, I would call it a ‘limitation’ of Backendless. When writing unit tests, we want to isolate the client code from the back end. Backendless is so integrated into one’s client code that it makes it difficult to do.

I believe it depends from your implementation, and it is realy out of scope of Backendless Support forum

Do you want to write unit tests for the functionality that we provide? What is the ultimate goal here?