Issue to get relationed children from Users table


I have added a column “badges” into my Users table, like this :

Using Codeless, I am trying to get the current user including its badges, like this :

When I invoke the service function, I can retrieve the user but there is no “badges” list.

NB : It works well when I use the Rest Console directly. I have a similar relationship with other tables and it also works as expected. Is there something with the system’s User table I do not know ?

Do you have any idea ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi, @Adrien_Cadoret

You need to add relation column “badges” to the relations in the “Get Object By Id” block.


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I tried by adding the "badges " to the relations as you said but it does not work.

But I managed to do so with another Load Object Relations to get the badges out of the first request.

Do you know why ?

Hi @Adrien_Cadoret,

Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce the issue in my app.

Can you load relations if you disable these two blocks?