JWT Authorizatiion ZenDesk

I would like to make a JWT Authorisation for ZenDesk,

ZenDesk will make a this request
POST {your_service_uri}
How is this possible to do that?
I try to make something with API Hosted Services but i don’t understand how they works.

For start i need to write an API to get and return a User from User table. How can i do that?
I write in java.

Thank you

Hello, Evgeny!

Unfortunately generic questions like yours are out of free support scope according to support policy.
However, you can find many useful information about hosted services in our blog and in related docs.
Also you don’t need to create your own API for getting user from Users table. I think that you’d better start with this webinar about backendless core concepts.
We’re able to help you more in these questions, but it would cost extra. Please contact sales@backendless.com if interested.
best regards,