keep getting Uncaught exception with message 'API responce'

So I’m using the PHP Sdk, and while loading a page I get this warning

file_get_contents( failed to open stream: Connection timed out in/home/majram5/public_html/test/vendor/backendless/src/lib/HttpRequest.php on line 120

which is followed by an exception,

Uncaught exception 'backendless\exception\BackendlessException' with message 'API responce ' in /home/majram5/public_html/test/vendor/backendless/src/lib/RequestBuilder.php:158 

The problem keeps persisting and it gets annoying. Sometimes I’d have to wait a bit and then refresh the page for the contents to load. What’s going on?

This is very bad.

please provide your application id

Here you go, E71C29AB-56F8-BF79-FFB2-5EDE470B8A00

I can’t reproduce your issue. Is it possible that you have an issue with internet?