Linking a user to Facebook and Twitter

Is it currently possible, after a user has been registered by any method, to allow the user to login with Twitter and/or Facebook and have it link to the same user?

It appears that out of the box, it does not support linking social accounts to Users after registration, only support for allowing login with the various services.

Hi Nathan!

Unfortunately it is not possible with Backendless users.
But we can help you add this logic in your client or server app.
Please describe steps how it should look in your app
(system should automatically link users or user should open page in your app to “merge” users accounts).


Hi, Nathan,

You are right, there is no documented feature to link different social accounts to some user entity.
However you can perform following steps to make it available in your app:

  1. Create relation to parent user object for social user accounts (see screen-shot)
  2. Either allow user to link two accounts manually or create custom event handlers and somehow link user accounts programmatically e.g. using JavaScript SDK via Property Mapping (see documentation).

Please, don`t hesitate to ask us if you face any difficulties.

Best regards, Artur.

Thanks for the quick responses! :slight_smile:
Just curious if there was something out of the box that could be used to save me this step.

The login with facebook returned to work?

Hi, Raul!
Easy login with facebook works.
Fix for method loginWithFacebookSDK will be released on the next week. You’ll be notified about that.
best regards,