Live streaming with standalone backendless

I 've tried to install standalone backendless server to use live streaming. I also modified the host url, app id, secret key, version number according to standalone server but I still failed to public live streaming as following code and log. Please help me. Thanks.

static NSString *APP_ID = @"D6457F17-246E-7C2E-FF81-8659D3DBFF00";
static NSString *SECRET_KEY = @"82C66FA5-367D-AC31-FF44-8604C8F6F800";
static NSString *VERSION_NUM = @"v1";

@implementation AppDelegate

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication )application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary )launchOptions
 // Override point for customization after application launch.
 //[DebLog setIsActive:YES];

 backendless.hostURL = @"";
 [backendless initApp:APP_ID secret:SECRET_KEY version:VERSION_NUM];
 backendless.mediaService = [MediaService new];

 return YES;

2016-05-24 10:43:23.377 VideoService[1222:308847] publishControl: -> backendless.mediaService: <MediaService: 0x17400e470> [MediaService]
Setting buffer duration to: 0.064000
AVAudioSession: sampleRate=16000.000000, buffer duration: 0.016000, inputChannels = 1, outputChannels = 1
2016-05-24 10:43:23.651 VideoService[1222:308847] publishControl: -> published stream: ‘rtmp://’
2016-05-24 10:43:25.796 VideoService[1222:309011] <IMediaStreamerDelegate> streamStateChanged: 0 = NetConnection.Connect.Rejected

Hi Thien,

MediaStreaming needs that Media Stream Server (for example WOWZA) installed and run on your local computer.
We don’t support MediaStreaming on the free standalone version Backendless.
But you could contacts us ( for ordering Managed Backendless
or you can try to install it on your own.