Loading 1000 items with images

We have used the following process to load items in our app:


We are working on an E-Commerce app based on the category selection the query returns values in 1000’s. Using the paging concept suggested by backendless we used the process mentioned in the above link which is taking around 250 secs for loading around 2000 items. But in parse it used to take around 30 secs to load the same set of items.

Request you to please suggest if there is any other way to load objects quicker than this.



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Ok. You can make it public and respond to our query.


If you are building a mobile application loading thousands of objects is a bad idea since not a single human can process that much data at a time.

As for the latency, I do not know how complex your schema is and whether you enabled auto-load option (which Parse does not have) or how many relations/data you’re loading. With that said, it is likely that it is not a valid apples-to-apples comparison.


Thanks Mark for the update.

App has a search feature which should return item details which is being searched instantaneously. For this to work we have already classified our data into subcategories, each subcategory has 1000’s of items which we are loading first and user will use search feature to find exact item he/she looking for.

To achieve search result instantaneously we are following this approach. If there is a better way in backendless please suggest. Also we are not using any relations.

An alternative approach would be to build a custom service which would run all the paging queries and return all the objects at once to the client. This way the client app would make a single request to get a single response with all the data. Since the service would be so much closer to the data, it would significantly speed up the execution time.