Login in cordova app

Hi Backendless team,
I fail when use login in my cordova app, here my code:

 var APPLICATION_ID = 'xxxx';
 var SECRET_KEY = 'xxxx';
 var VERSION = 'v1';
 Backendless.serverURL = "https://api.backendless.com";
 var login = function(login){
 Backendless.UserService.login(login.name, login.pass, false, new Backendless.Async(function(user){
 $('#errMsg').append('<p>login success</p>');
 $('#errMsg').append(JSON.stringify(user, null, 2));
 }, function(error){
 $('#errMsg').append('<p>login error</p>');
 $('#errMsg').append(JSON.stringify(error, null, 2));

It go to error case:
<p class="">login error</p>
“photoUrl”: “xxxx”,
“lastLogin”: 1469616063860,
“created”: 1469585149000,
“name”: “xxx”,
“___class”: “Users”,
“user-token”: “xxx”,
“ownerId”: “xxx”,
“updated”: null,
“objectId”: “xxx”,
“email”: “xxx,
“__meta”: “{“relationRemovalIds”:{},“selectedProperties”:[”__updated__meta”,“photoUrl”,“password”,“created”,“name”,"___class",“ownerId”,“updated”,“objectId”,“email”],“relatedObjects”:{}}",
“statusCode”: 0,
“message”: “unknown error occurred”

And “Backendless.UserService.getCurrentUser()” still “null”.
How i fix it, thank you.

could you deploy your js application to Backendless file service and provide your application id, then we will check your issue.

Thank you @Sergey, when I try create a new bank project and add only Backendless js, it work. Maybe some js lib or cordova plugin conflict to make an error. So this is not Backendless login cordova app issues, no problem here. Topic must be closed.

Hi @Sergey, can you help me?. When i run my app on emulator (web browser base), its work, but when i run app on AVD or real device, its fail.
p/s: I am using Intel XDK.

FreshApp1.zip (709.53kB)