Login Limit

I want to know how to increase login limit? I have to set 10 but i am logged-in maximum 2-4 times. So plz check attached screen shot.

Hi @Rushabh_Sha

Please check out Users > Login > Enable multiple login tab of your Backendless app - https://monosnap.com/file/Qbw4xpyMqRaW0pzl8YoMYQAJKbguB7


Yes i have checked but how to check how many devices are already logged in?

I believe there is no way you can track number of active sessions for a user. This info is stored on server and is not accessible on client-side. We’ll discuss possibility of adding this feature, but anyway I believe it will not be implemented in the very nearest future

Okay, I would like to know how user logged in functionality has been work because right not i am not logged in any signal device but that shows me error like your maximum limit is reached.

Suppose your application uses the Backendless login API. The same user logs in with the same credentials every time they open the app and the user does not log out. When the user logs in for 10 times, the multiple login limit will be exhausted because the sessions created with the previous logins would still be active. To make sure it does not happen, either check if the previous login session is still active or before you use the login API, use the logout call first.

Hope this helps.