Login problem

there is a problem in login. everytime that i logged in, i need to enter user and password. Definitely best practice is : every time user come to backendless page, be in his/her profile and not need to click login button, so check it.


I cannot reproduce this issue. I need to enter user and password only after logout or cleaning browser history/cash

Regards, Olga

hi, thanks for your response, please follow these steps:
first open webpage, you see this picture: IMG1

then click on login, you see this picture: IMG2
then, click on LOGIN WITH GOOGLE then after some seconds, login successful. so now close webpage. again open new tab and type address. i see this page: IMG3

and i don not know what you see!!
help me how ever you want. my explanation of this issue is: when a user login with OAUTH account (like google) webpage does not save account in cookie.

hi again, the same issue in login will occur in backendless support page. every time it needs to login. (Also, in backendless support page i have logged in with GOOGLE account.

The internal ticket BKNDLSS-17164 created. We’ll inform you as soon as this issue is solved.

Regards, Olga