login stopped to work from the 22nd of May

From the evening of the 22nd of May your login methods stopped to work in iOS. It gives the error HttpEngine: INVALID statusCode 500, details = HttpEngine: INVALID statusCode 500, errorCode = 500 . (Before the same code was working)

So now I can’t login in the application. I notified you by email 12 hours ago, but it still doesn’t work. And it’s very important because the application is on app store.

Sorry for this inconvenience. We are working on this issue.

Could you try it again?

Thank you, now it works.

Is there any way to notify somebody in case of the simular issues in future (because it seems for me that it’s not the best way to always write in forum is case of these temporary issues). Before I notified ser*****@backendless.com (I put * , because may be it’s not a public info) , but 2 last times nobody answered me, so I made a conclusion to write in this forum.

But may be there is any phone number to contact in case of these issues?

Hi Pavel.

It is absolutely enough to create a Problem (question / idea…) on our Support Forum in order to notify all development team about the issue.

Ok, thank you