Master - Content pages

Is there a way to have master and content pages where the master page is static and contains the main header and menu bar across the top and the footer bar. The content pages are the different pages (Home, About, etc…) which get swapped out in the body or content area of the master page.

Hi @George_Padvorac

At this moment there is no such ability but we will think about this.
However, you can convert some components into reusable ones.
If you are not familiar with that I can shortly tell you what it is.

The main idea is to have a component that you edit/design in one place and the changes appear everywhere you use the component which means you can have Header, Menu, footer, etc as reusable components. You can see a blue button “Make Reusable” on the right sidebar when a component is selected, but pay attention once you made a reusable component there is no way to convert it back.

Regards, Vlad

Thank you.


Am I correct in believing that the newly named reusable component can’t be converted back, but the original components (Container in this case) are not affected and still available?

Hi @Jim_Austin

No, the component will be replaced with the ReusableComponent and you will not be able to inject the component with all inner components and its logic back into the page.
However, you will be able to modify the component in another workspace

Worded my question poorly: I was asking if, when “the selected component with its children and logic” are converted into a “Reusable Component”, there is any change to/effect on the original components that were used to build the ‘replaceable.’

Testing indicates there is no change to the individual components, and that ‘replaceables’ are available only in the container where created.

do you mean when you are accessing the reusable component or any inner components from outside the reusable component?

for example, we’ve got the following structure


  • Button1
  • Container ← it will be reusable
    • Row
      • Cell
        • Button2

and on click on the Button1, you modify some properties for Button2
and then you convert the Container into a reusable one you are still able to modify Button2 by clicking on Button1

But if you add the reusable component to another page you are not able to see the Button2 in logic on the page

Is that what you are asking about?

You’re far beyond me. I found answer/understanding for my simple question from test code; when/if I get to complex issues like yours I’ll open a new support topic.

Thanks for your support, I appreciate it!