Messaging devices disappeared after migration to Backendless 4

After migration to newer Backendless I am missing lot of messaging devices. There is only 1 page of 50 devices in web console. Unfortunately I had more than 90 pages of devices on Backendless 3. What happened?

Hi, Martin. Could you check the table DeviceRegistration in Data section.
Are there all the devices that are in v3?
If so, than try to work with the records in this table. It provides more abilities to manage the lists of devices.
As for the problem with pagination on Messaging tab, we know about it and are already working on it.

    Backendless 3 app id = 8742AEC3-05BE-D694-FFDD-891071850100 Backendless 4 app id = 88F260ED-D24A-A608-FF16-E4865715AF00

I can find any of my device Id in new Web Console by serach filter.
Unfortunately I cann not list in table, page size stay at 1 (see screenshot), there should be some bug.
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Thanks for additional information. I am investigating your problem and will post here as soon as i would have any information about it.

I connected to your app and found out that all devices have migrated successfully. Please see DeviceRegistration table in Data section.
The problem is on Messaging tab itself and we are working on it.
What device for example you cannot find? (what deviceId ?)

Hello Oleg, currently I can find all my devices searched by filter.
I just have a problem with paging the device table and unknown device count. Thank you.

Hi Martin,

As Oleg confirmed, there is a known problem on the Messaging screen. However, the DeviceRegistration table on the Data screen provides a complete support for device management.