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Messaging Fails: Flex SDK 4.12.1 (mobile) / AIR 13 / iOS / Android / Backendless 1.2 SDK

(Jasen Martin) #1


Recently the messaging service appears to have issues. I thought maybe my code had issues, however I went back to the baseline Backendless messaging-service-Chat (Flex) example appears to be doing the same. (using updated SDK etc)

When the app first subscribes to the API messaging works fine, however, after sometime (say after 2 minutes and half a dozen or messages) the messages stops receiving.

for example (from the example)

    const options:PublishOptions = new PublishOptions();
    options.publisherId = chat.currentMember.subscriptionId;

    const message:ChatMessage = MessageHelper.createChatMessage(msg.text);
    message.member = chat.currentMember;

    Backendless.Messaging.publish(message, options, null,
        new Responder


The event.result.status returns as “PUBLISHED” but the message is not received by the subscribed client(s). Also, the messaging panel in the backless console does not get updated with the new message sent (event though event.result.status=“PUBLISHED”)

Any help much appreciated.

(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Jasen,

We looked into the problem as see that some messages are missing once they are published. We are looking into it. I will post an update once the problem is resolved.


(Jasen Martin) #3