Migration to Backendless 4.0 guide / getCurrentPage

Hey, I am working with Backendless 4.0. I just wanted to know if you will be publishing a guide to migrate the 3.0 SDK to 4.0.
Also, how would we write these lines of code using the 4.0 iOS SDK. We are coding in swift. I am getting an error for the getCurrentPage function.

let whereClause = "retailerName = '\(retailerString)'"

let dataQuery = DataQueryBuilder()


let retailer = backendless?.data.of(RetailerPage.ofClass()).find(dataQuery)

let actualRetailerPage = retailer?.getCurrentPage() as? [RetailerPage]

Hi Nevin,

We already published the migration guide for Android, JS and REST. Right now we’re working on the docs for iOS, so it will be available soon.


As for getCurrentPage(), that method is gone in 4.0. Please see the doc on data paging: https://backendless.com/docs/ios/doc.html#data_data_paging