|Mission:PUSH COMMANDER| |Task:|Register device for push notifications|


|Task:|Register device for push notifications|

In these instructions,

step 3 reads

Add Firebase SDK to your project per Google’s instructions (step 3 in the process of adding Firebase to your Android app).

Can you provide me a URL link to what you are referencing please?


If we are talking about Google documentation, it can be found f.e. here:

Have you looked through this doc ?

Thank you for your support, I appreciate it so much.

That is the link I originally provided in this post and what I was referencing I believe in the first place.

“Add Firebase SDK to your project” might sounds obvious to most on this forum. I’m not a developer and I didn’t realise I even needed to download and open Android Studio ! Just done that now for the first time!

Step 2 we are in Firebase downloading the google-services.json and then Step 3 I don’t even know what application I’m in, hence my confusion.

For a layman it’s tough to follow, but clear I’m sure for someone with a little more experience. I’ve completed all the missions to this point (thanks to the support from you guys) but perhaps this isn’t intended for complete novices.

O, sorry, i was inattentive.
I think by the end of the missions you won’t be the novice anymore :slight_smile:

From the perspective of Firebase, you need to be google developer. In other words, you have to create at least one Firebase app, which you should “attach” to the Backendless app.
The simple scheme is:
Backendless api call -> sending the notification to the Backendless server -> Backendless app logic -> Firebase app -> end user.

It’s making more sense now I’m in Android Studio :slight_smile: lol

I think Step 3 would be improved if it referenced opening and creating an app in Android Studio and rather than referring to Google instructions it includes specific steps like the rest of your steps.

I don’t need any help for the moment so thanks again for the support…

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