Move graphic interface outside server


I’m using UI builder and all the webpages with images.
Due to I already running on a GoDaddy server how to move all the images to a folder that not count as an API call for Scale Plan?

Thanks, Mario

Hi Mario,

Do you need to move just the images or the entire user interface (i.e. everything built with UI Builder)?


Hi Mark

I’m now moving each time I have a new version the folder default and works fine because this is production.

And the website inside Backendless for me is development.

Now with the optimization I need to move the icons and images of the interface of the menus to the server because counts like a API Call as you explain today.

All the icons must go to the production server but the image of the user and the client image will still and API because change user to user.

Thanks, Mario

That should be very easy - move the image files to the server and update the URLs of the images in your UI Builder app (or the database if the URLs are stored there)