Multiple login 3002 error


I am getting a 3002 login error

“User is already logged in from another device/computer. The application is configured to disable multiple concurrent logins with the same user credentials.”

However the backendless app is enabled to have 10 (maximum) simultaneous logins, so I don’t think we should be getting this error. I have tried resetting by disabling simultaneous logins and then enabling it again, but still getting this error.

App ID is E9DF3457-FBDF-4D42-A6F3-FDFF2C260FF6

We are experiencing this on the app and the website login pages.

Any suggestions?



Try to switch your login to the second user, or this example image

If you’re testing an application, you can set Session Timeout 60 second

Thanks Denys, switching to second user seemed to do the trick.

What is Session Timeout do? I don’t think that was there in backendless 3.x? What should that be in production?


Is the length of the session, so unused sessions “die” after that period