MyPushService always active !!


How should I indicate in my app that the “MyPushService” always remains active even if it eliminates running the app or turning off the phone?


Hi, Joan

Looks like your question is not related to Backendless.
Could you please provide more information about your problem with Backendless Android-SDK.

Or, if it’s a common question to Android would be better to ask it in Android Community or on

Regarda, Vlad

Hi Vladimiir,

Because I am using backendless messaging service (Developer plan), I think you could easily tell me how to keep it always active (even if you close the app or turn off the phone) …

I would like to know the specific instructions in manifest, service or receiver (which should be few) …

I’m asking for something that has no relationship with backendless? I do not think so.



I am not sure what “MyPushService” is. If it is a subclass of BackendlessPushService, then it would remain active simply by being an instance of Android’s IntentService. Keep in mind that per Google’s documentation, IntentService is subject to all the background execution limits (see the note in the doc here: