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Network error uploading file for migration to V4

(Jeroen Dierckx) #1

I’m trying to start migration of our V3 backend to V4 and hit a speed bump.
When I try to upload the file ( in my case) of 2.61GB, I get a “Network error” after a while. I tried several times.
Kind regards,

(Jeroen Dierckx) #2

I still cannot find a way to upload the file. I suspect it is due to its size.

(Vladimir Upirov) #3

Hi Jeroen

Sorry for the delay.

Could you unzip this archive and see what exactly is there.
How I remember you already had an issue with migration and git repository.

if you don’t need GIT anymore you can just remove the git directory from the archive and try again to export the archive

Let us know if it helped you.

Regards, Vlad

(Jeroen Dierckx) #4

The GIT issue was a separate one and I removed GIT support since (and the git directory was removed with it).

This is all real data. I can imagine that I can upload the files inside archive instead of the zip file? Or does the migration involve processing of the uploaded zip file in some way?

(Vladimir Upirov) #5

yes, you can modify archive a little, but I don’t not recommend you change “export” directory inside the archive.
If there are a lot of images/video/audio files you can remove them from archive and then upload these files manually in the Files Service screen via d&d

(Jeroen Dierckx) #6

I will remove the binary data and try it that way. Thanks for the support!

(Aleksandr Plekhov) #7

I have the same NETWORK ERROR uploading zip while migration 800mb. Is there have any restriction with file? This is a blocker for me to start migation

(Mark Piller) #8

Yes, there is a restriction on the file size. Let us know the IDs of the source (v3) and target (v4) applications and we will copy the file for you.

(Aleksandr Plekhov) #9

thanks i’ve written to

(Mark Piller) #10

Please send it to instead.

(Mark Piller) #11

We have copied the file from the app in v3 to v4.