New card billing issues

My credit card has recently been changed, I received an email stating: ’ Failed to renew Backendless subscription’. I followed the… link and updated my card, however after I was charged it gave me this error:
Application with ID 08B538C0-0E98-1827-FF98-7DF8AFF96600 belongs to other cluster zone. Service cluster zone ID is 1, app cluster zone ID is 2
When launching url:…(I hid the end). Please can you ensure the payment was logged against my account.

I also noticed before I did the above that it was impossible for me to add a new card and assign to my app, I went on to ‘Payment Profiles’ added the card, but there was no way for me to switch my app to the new card.

Hello @Reece_Smith

As I can see your subscription is active now, next billing date is on 2 Jun 2022 4:26 AM CDT

Also, I have created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-28339 to investigate the issue.

Hi @Reece_Smith,

Sorry for inconvenience. Your subscription was renewed successfully.

Several questions to clarify this situation:

  1. Is your added credit card displayed on the “Payment Profiles” page?
  2. Could you please clarify what did you mean by “there was no way for me to switch my app to the new card”. Is “payment profile” dropdown disabled for your app on “My Apps” page?

Regards, Andriy