New pricing limits

I have read about the new pricing and I generally agree that it’s fair to slightly increase the price for a good service and I’m ok with paying the default 25$ per month, however there are 2 decreases in limits that I feel are a too extreme:

  1. 600 API calls / minute: Until now there where 50 API calls / second. 50 x 60s = 3000 API calls / minute.
    To get there with the new pricing this would be 399-425$ / month (depending on the plan). That’s quite an increase from free to 400$. Is this true or am I missing something? BTW the max limit says 3000 API calls / minute, that doesn’t make much sense because the old FREE limit was 3000 API calls / minute (if my calculations are correct).

  2. 100k data objects in a table (10$ per 200k extra): This was 10$ per 500k extra before. So this has become 2.5x more expensive. Does this also apply for user table, or can we make some exception for the user table because it is special and way more needed? I understand that increasing the limit for potentially 100 tables is expensive, but the most used table is the user table (in my case at least). In my opinion it would be fairer if the user table always has the 2x limit than the default data table limit. If you only need the user table (1 table out of 100 tables) and it contains 1.3M entries (not active users, just registered ones), you need to pay 25+60=85$. That easily gets WAY too expensive.
    I am paying for 130M data objects (1.3M x 100 tables) but I can effectively make only use of 1/100th of it. I hope there can be some ways found to make that more appealing, like an option to limit the number of tables to 10 but instead get ~5x the amount of data objects per table etc.

Just so that everyone gets it right: I have been very happy using Backendless so far. It’s a great service with great features and awesome support. I really would like to continue using it. I’m also willing to pay for it, no question, but it should be a fair price for the use case.


Agree. Also, I must say, this seems like a bait and switch to me. Gather up all parse refugees promising one model only to switch it up on them at the last second. Leaves me wondering what the next pricing/limitation model change will have in store for us.

Not good business imo :confused:
I think I’ll just switch back to hosting my own solution. Can’t trust third parties, even Facebook couldn’t stick around in this space.

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I have hosted some files in my app and i access that files by direct urls, will accessing file through direct url will also be considered an api request?

If you’re talking about file’s public URL - yes, it’s also counted as an API call.