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News reader app needs to connect to tons of external urls

my app is news reader app, it connects to tons of websites to get latest rss every minute. you request to approve every url I connect to. this is hard process and you may not approve urls. also it will cost me a lot of money as you require 5$ per each 10 external hosts per month. how to make this easier ? in parse, I can connect to any external url easily
another question in the same context, suppose you put limit on push notifications (1,000,000 push notifications) , If I decided to connect to external service like onesignal which sends free unlimited push notifications, will you approve my external url ?

It is not a problem to approve URLs for us, as long as they do not violate the terms of service.

As for the price, it is what it is. If you’d like to compare with Parse, I’d like to point out that their free tier started with 30 APIs/second, while with Backendless it is 50. You’d be spending $200/month with Parse for what you get for free with Backendless.

Many thanks for reply but I think answer is not clear for me. I refer to specific case:

I don’t compare with Parse in the point of 30 Api/second as my app doesn’t reach 30 API/second.

I connect to 500 rss url. and they will increase by time. it is free on Parse and it is 300$ on backendless. I hope if it is free or with reasonable price

“It is not a problem to approve URLs for us, as long as they do not violate the terms of service.”. When I connect to websites like CNN,gsmarena,… I don’t know if they violate terms or not. I just connect to them to get news.

Also can’t find a clear way to know if connecting to onesignal to send push or off load some business logic from backendless to be done on Google app engine is violating rules or not.

Please help me in that. I am afraid of data lock and putting heavy constrains on integration with external systems.

Your service is excellent for me but i want to make everything clear before I switch to backendless.

Appreciate your support.

When it comes to external URLs we check if they in any way relate to any kind of fraudulent, illegal or banned activities (per the Texas and the US law), child pornography, etc. If the URLs you connect to are not related any of these, you have nothing to worry about.

As for the price, unfortunately, we do not have any flexibility to make it more affordable.


Many thanks for the quick reply and great support :slight_smile: