No script runner is available

Hi guys,

I created my Backendless site on your cloud but since three day ago I having this error {“code”:17000,“message”:“No script runner is available”} in all my functions… I see other post but this issue generally caused when used external server… Do you have any ideas?

Hi Valerio,

are you still encounter this problem?
We have experienced some problems with the server yesterday. Please try again and tell us about the results.


Hi Stanislav,
thanks a lot now work. I have another question if you can help me… in my backendless site on your cloud I need to upload image I tried to convert image in base64 and recovert it to image inside javascript but it says “Image is not defined” when

var image = new Image();
image.src = JSON.parse(request.body).img;

otherwise I send file from ajax call but it return error “WebKitFormBoundary is not supported”

Do you now another way for do this?

Thanks a lot

It seems that it is not backendless issue. We can help if you buy support, please contact for more details

Thanks a lot Sergey :wink: