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offline mode

Hi Devin,

The roadmap is not public due to the highly competitive nature of the business, but we do share with the development and consulting partners.

Mark[reply user_id=38][h4]Devin Holloway wrote:[/h4]Offline mode would be fantastic. It was on the roadmap for my backendless AIR app, but I’ll wait to see what you guys come up with.

Just curios, is there a public version of the roadmap?[/reply]


Do you have any new about this feature ?


Hi Thomas,

No, not a lot of news to share on this front. Could you describe your specific use case and how you would use this feature?


Definitely! Offline data management, conflict resolution and transactional processing is on our roadmap.



Do you have any news about this feature ?


Not yet, it is in the plans, but is not assigned to a specific release yet.

Hello, I’m looking to migrate from Parse, and offline support is critical for our app. Do you guys support this feature yet? If so, I’m sold on moving to you guys. Thanks.

Not yet, but it is in the plans.

I’ve read a number of posts on this particular topic and as apart of migrating away from parse, I myself have also got a need to provide a level of off-line capability in line with Parse’s locate data store. If Backendless doesn’t support this feature can anyone suggest a Cache framework that works well with the backendless platform.




Do you have any news about this feature ?


So after 4 years on the roadmap, are you actually going to implement an offline mode?

Hello Crisitian,

Yes, it is on our roadmap.

Regards, Olga

Yes, it is not that far in the future.

Any news?

Hi @mark-piller,

Any news about the Database with offline mode?

I’m developing an App that needs offline Database support…

I know that your roadmap is “secret” but I would appreciate knowing if this topic is planned for the short-medium term or I have to develop this functionality for my App.


Hello @Dani_Sevilla,

We are working on it. The implementation is ready for Android. Now we will need to conduct testing and write documentation. IOS and JS in the implementation process.


Hi @Inna_Shkolnaya,

Great news!!

And it will be available for the Flutter SDK too?


is it persistent storage? using the native storage on the device?

It uses SQLite, embedded in Android.