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Once I save File reference, then I am unable to set it in the consol

(SnakeEyes) #1

It seems likes the console is crashing or behaving wierd after I did a data save which includes a File reference.

ArrayList children = new ArrayList();
for(int i=0;i<files.length;i++){
BackendlessFile bkFile = Backendless.Files.upload(files[i], remotePath);
Map relationMap= new HashMap();
relationMap.put(“name”, tokens[0]);
relationMap.put(“file”, bkFile.getFileURL());
relationMap= Backendless.Data.of(“TableA”).save(relationMap);

This created 2 entries with 2 references to images. First entry I click on it and it opens the image correctly. Second Entry I click on it and it says resource not found (although it exists) but somehow it is appending a letter L to the url before “pattern”

Then I go to the console and try to relink the file manually and it just does not respond on any click. Infact the whole consol seems to behave weirdly ( sometimes it loads tables, sometimes it says “waiting”). I have to basically click refresh to gain access back until I click on on the File reference to set it manually and the weird behaviour happen again.

Any reasons why?

PS: I am doing it using Java program on windows

(Olha Danylova) #2

Please provide your application id so we could check this issue directly with your app.


(SnakeEyes) #3

The AppId is DFD1BCFD-BC77-2EB4-FF48-89B874073800
And it is the second table (RxxxxMxxx)

The data was uploaded by code not manually

(Vladimir Upirov) #4

Hi SnakeEyes

We’ve reproduced the problem in the Console, an internal ticket is created: BKNDLSS-18201, it will be fixed and released asap, I assume it will be released this Monday

Regards, Vlad

(SnakeEyes) #5

Thank you very much
Does it also fix why the letter L is appended to the link of the file reference making the resource unavailable ?

(Vladimir Upirov) #6

yes, it will be fixed as well

(SnakeEyes) #7

Perfect thank you.
I will test it again on Tuesday unless you tell me otherwise

Have a good one

(Vladimir Upirov) #8

Hello SnakeEyes

We’ve fixed the problem and released, could you please confirm if everything works well now

Regards, Vlad

(SnakeEyes) #9

Perfect. I confirm it is fixed .Thanks man!