Open Web Page inserting question mark

Here is a working url.

On my login page, I click the submit button and it is suppose to send me to the page url above. Instead it sends me to this page.

The only differnece is that it adds a question mark at the end automatically. So it takes me to my Page Not Found page.

On my login page, for the submit button, I created an On Click Event > Open Web Page. I put the website url in, did not set any parameters, and open in another window equals True. Here is my Login Page so you can press the submit button and see how it adds the question marks to the url.

Any ideas why it is adding a question mark automatically at the end of the URL?

Hi @Rene_Ledesma,

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In the On Click Event, instead of the Open Web Page use the Go To Page block. And for the name argument, simply put text SplashScreen, which is the name of the page you want to navigate to in the app.


@mark-piller Thanks. That did the trick. I had tried …/SplashScreen but i didn’t think of your solution.

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