PHP Business Logic Debug OK -> Production Timeout


Finally I have some working PHP Custom Logic, code works and executes fine in debug. As soon as I set it to production, using the script it generates timeouts.

Can you help me out?

Hi, Barry!

Unfortunately for now deploying custom logic in PHP is unavailable. This feature is under testing at the moment.
best regards,

Ouch :slight_smile:

Any ETA on this?

Hi Alex,

Is there any ETA, or should I consider switching to Java?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, Barry! I’m sorry for the delay.
It’s a scope of a month or two. Anyway, Java coderunner is much more stable then php which is still very fresh. So if you want to release your app in the next few month - I’d offer you to switch.
If you’ll make decision not to wait but to migrate from php to java - we are ready to help you in it.
best regards,