PHP user update without login

Hey, I looked at this I tried using this for a user object with PHP, but gives User not logged in or wrong user id.

Should this work with PHP also?


Hi, JuhaHuh.
I have tried you task and all works fine.

Please, investigate our documentation:

Nope, doesn’t work. Here’s the code I’m using and I still get an error: “User not logged in or wrong user id.”
So I don’t have a user logged in when doing this.
Is this also a question of permissions or why is this not working?

	$updateuser = new BackendlessUser();
		$updateuser->setProperty("objectId", "xxxxx"));
	if (empty($u->getProperty("facebook_id")))
 			$updateuser->setProperty('facebook_id', "yyyyy");
			$updated_user = Backendless::$UserService->update($updateuser);