Plan Subscription

Hello Customer Care team,

I was wondering if you could please help me with the Springboard plan.

Yesterday I completed the missions and received the Springboard Plan which I assigned to my only app. The message said that I would switch to the plan when my paid subscription (Cloud 9) ended - approximately in 25 days.

I wanted to start the development from scratch to remove any training data entities from my app, so I went ahead and deleted the app.
Once I created a new app, it appears that my purchased plan (Cloud 9) was reassigned to Cloud 99 Trial. Also, I’m no longer able to switch to the Springboard Plan although it’s unlocked.

As I mentioned, I switched to the Springboard Plan before deleting the original app, although I had ~25 days left on Cloud 9.

Is there a chance you could restore my Cloud 9 plan subscription for the new app and assign the Springboard plan after the current billing cycle ends, given I haven’t used it at all?

Please let me know if you require any additional information.

Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Vitalii Manoilo

Application ID: B2C72C45-472B-E962-FFE3-6A459475FE00

Hi Vitalii,

Please keep in mind that every app in Backendless has its own pricing subscription. Saying that my purchased plan (Cloud 9) was reassigned to Cloud 99 Trial is incorrect because your previous app (the one you deleted) was on Cloud9 and your new app (the one you created) is on Cloud99 trial (as any new app created in Backendless).

For the new app you created we can issue a credit in the amount of $30.66 - this is the amount that was charged to your card in the previous app subscription. You will be able to use the credit when you decide to switch the current app to a paid plan. Additionally, we can switch the current app to Springboard when the trial expires.


Hi Mark,

As I understand each app is an entirely separate entity on my account. Meaning all subscription plans can’t move from one app to another.

Thank you for clarifying this for me, Mark! If you could please issue a credit and switch the current app to Springboard when the trial expires, it would be amazing!

Thank you again for such great support, I really love using Backendless so far!


Done. Your app will transfer to Springboard on October 7th.


Thank you, Mark!