Please remove the block

I checked my app and I was surprised that it can not load anything from the server.
When I log in to the console, there’s a warning that API request rejected due to access from multiple locations which require superscaling.

Please remove this block.
I am aware of this limitation and currently I’m preparing for app upgrade and fixings, hence need this springboard environment.


That block is a part of the operating environment. It is cleared automatically on the 24 hours basis.


I hope so, but it has not been cleared since several days ago.

Can you check it, please?

I have revoked and regenerated all of the API keys for upgrading and security reasons.
But since I was blocked, I can’t work on my app. Please, if you can remove the block, it still persists even after several days.

Hi @KamiMart_KamiMart!

Could you, please, provide your app ID so we can check API state and reason of blocking?

Regards, Andriy


Please remove the block. Thanks. It’s annoying, I can’t even access/use anything, the block is still there even after several days from the last time I logged in to the console.

The block is removed automatically every day, but SuperScaling keeps blocking it since your app requires additional server resources.