Parse saveInBackground() equivalent

I’m considering backendless as a target for my switch from services, but after a while of searching I could not find an equivalent to Object#saveInBackground() method, which silently uploads object to the parse servers, and handles exceptions by retring. also the method has a functionality which groups couple of different objects saves together and sending them at once, hence reducing battery usage and …
is there any alternate to this method in Backendless Android API ?!

Hi Muhammad,

No, in Backendless you make an API call and if it fails, you will be notified either via exception or callback right away.



perhaps I should keep looking for a better target, unless you have a plan to implement such a thing, do you ?!

Our plan is to cover all the functionality for people who are looking to migrate from Parse, so yes, it is on our roadmap.


so …
have you planned to implement this method yet?