previously working good BL event now gives timeout error

my appId DECCC828-2720-F3EA-FFAD-586EEF9BD600
I have custom events that make requests to another host. It worked fine until now. Now every time I tried I got only error
SERVER_CODE | ERROR | Error: Task execution is aborted due to timeout
at null._onTimeout (/var/lib/backendless/nodejscoderunner/lib/util/promise.js:71:29)
at Timer.listOnTimeout (timers.js:92:15)

I checked - this host is working just fine, so it’s something on Backendless part. Kinda remind me error when host wasn’t really approved

Hi, Yuriy.
I have checked permissions for external hosts in your app. All works fine.
If you still have this problem, could you, please, create simple hosted service with only one function, which will do request to one of the hosts. It can help us to find a problem.

seems working fine now, I’ll look more

I’ll mark it as “cannot reproduce”. Please let us know if the problem reoccurs again.