Problem today with one of our instance.

Hi Guys,

We were running a script to update some data (where we did a lot of requests to the server) and at some point we got a 504 Gateway Timeout response.

Now the problem is that we now can’t access that database instance and our environment (which is GPSPlatform) is not reachable neither by our App or from the Backendless Console, let me put here some information about that. (the request information)

This is happening with whatever we do to that specific instance, if we for example try to use another of our databases they work as expected.

Application ID: E9EFC045-C9AB-5955-FFAC-25559DEEC900

Thanks in advace for an answer on this.

Hi Joseph!
Could you provide more information about “We were running a script to update some data…”?
(example of the query, list of data tables…)

I am marking this ticket as resolved as we have not heard back from you.