Problem with the Backendless site

I’m trying to learn the documentation while i’m on public transport, anf i found that it is impossible to read the docs on a mobile device.

I can see only the icons at the left, and table of contents items.
It is impossible to see the documentation text frame.
The menu button, which is available on top left corner, opens in snall window of single line and goes back immediately to the first line, when i try to roll down.
I have a Galaxy S6 phone, but i don’t think it is important.
The Support site doesn’t have this problem.
Please fix it.
King regards,

Hi Alex,

This is indeed a known problem. There is a long history for it, but it is irrelevant at the moment. Currently our priority is to get the docs updated to include signatures and examples for swift - there are a lot of users who have asked for it. Once that is done, we will be in a better shape to review the overall doc structure and come up with ideas for mobile rendering of the docs.

The best option today to view the docs on a mobile device is to use the PDF option. I know it is not ideal, but it is better than the markup rendering you see with the html docs.


Thank you Mark.

I’ll use the pdf.