proplem while registration !!

Unable to complete operation . Backend application is not properly configured. Contact the application developer and report a problem with Email Configuration

This message Appears when i turn on the confirmation Mail

I also am having this issue, I posted it here. Maybe we can get someone to look at these together.

Hi, Fady.

Looks like your email settings are not properly configured.
Check you email setting in Backedendless Console. Click Test as shown on screenshot.
You can also check out your email settings by sending email with Message Service:


Yes, I thought that would be the issue as well but when I hit test it says test passed and the email are sent to the user. Please see the attached email with the passing test results.

hi ,Anatolii
this message appears when i pressed test
what should i change ?

Hi, Fady.

You should specify your email provider settings. For example, in the case of Gmail you specify:
SMTP Server:
Port: 25
User ID:
Password: your_email_password