Published app error

Hello all,

When I publish a container on my app I get this error:

{“code”:6007,“message”:“The specified resource was not found”,“errorData”:{}}

the published app link is

for a reason (when i clic on the link) is requested this address

but in the published folder /files/web/ClientApp/ there is not folder “pages”.

The preview works fine.

Hello @giovanny_padilla

I’m looking into it

I found what was the reason, you’ve got an empty landing page

As a temporary solution I’ve fixed it in your built app, could you please check

I’ve created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-28309, once we fix it in our sdk we notify you here

Regards, Vlad

It is working. Thanks.

I look forward to your update.

Have a great day

Hello @giovanny_padilla

We have updated our cloud servers with a fix for the problem you described. You should no longer encounter this problem.


Thank you all.