push data as json for consumption in dashboard platform

Hi Guys
I wonder if you could just give me some pointers. I am basically trying to get data from backendless to a dashboard platform (I am trialling Cyfe, but not limited to that) so that the owner of the app can see some backendless data in a business dashboard)

Lets say I wanted to show the number of users of my app. Apparently these are the steps I need to take (as outlined from the Cyfe docs below) .
I think its the business logic area I need to be in on the console? But I have got a bit confused, so any help would be appreciated - even if its just a quick outline of the hurdles I need to jump!.

Love Backendless btw. This is one of the last pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, but I can’t quite fathom out the correct steps required.


from Cyfe.
Step 1. Configure a new custom chart widget (Push API) inside your dashboard and select the type of chart you want to use. On the widget configuration screen you will find an API endpoint for that particular widget. This is the endpoint you will use to push your data into our systems.
Step 2. Each time an event occurs in your app, send a POST request with your data to the endpoint found in step 1 (e.g. when new users sign up in your app, when users complete certain game levels in your app). You can use your favorite programming language such as PHP or Objective C to do this. Just make sure that you pass in the appropriate parameters in the POST request (found below).

Hi Mike,

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Hi Mike,

The way I’d approach this would be creating a server-side event handler for the events which should trigger an update of your dashboard. If you want to know when users register, then you need an event handler for the “Register” event. This is the best place to get started with event handlers:


Thanks Mark, that put me in the right direction.