Push notification not been delivered


Sending push notification to users not been delivered in android. NB user has been registered to backendless and to a channel. But sending push seems not to work.

Hello @Yomade_Stephens

Please provide more information to reproduce this issue.
How do you send push notification?
Using the pushWithTemplate command inside an application?
Using the backendless control panel?
Please provide us with the APP ID and a minimal example to reproduce the problem.

Push notification was sent through console.


Try creating new simple template and send push notification.

yh i just did, and still not working and by working i mean it not been delivered


Please provide your applicationId.

Hi @Yomade_Stephens

Have you followed the Push Notification Setup Guide for Android ?

Please ensure you have created the Firebase project, added Firebase to your Android app and added Firebase Server key to the Backendless Console.

Best Regards,

Yh @Maksym_Khobotin I have done all that.

Here it is @Vladimir_Yalovy.


@Yomade_Stephens, two questions:

  1. have you added BackendlessFCMService in Android manifest?
  2. Do you see your device in the DeviceRegistration table in Backendless console?


Yh fcm has been added in manifest.

And yes user is been registered in device registration table.

Could you send your google-services.json to support@backendless.com? This would let us try using your configuration to see if the issue can be reproduced.



i have sent the file as requested.

Hi @Yomade_Stephens

I’ve replied to your email and sent the example project with push notifications working for your configuration.
Please run it by yourself and make sure to test it with real devices not only emulators.

Best Regards,