Push Notification sending error

I’m sending push notification to a registered device. previously it was working fine but i then i don’t know why it starts giving an error when i publish push notification

in handleFault method i print fault code and fault message andit gave
Server Processing
java.lang.RuntimeException: redis.clients.jedis.exception.JedisConnectionException: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out

kindly guide me.

I’m running it on mobile device not on emulator.

First i though it was internet problem, but it retrieves the data from database but didn’t send push notification. I have three channel for notifications. when the device is registered on channel A, then it successfully send it two other channel except ‘A’ as it didn’t go in handleFault method.
Similarly when the device is registered on channel B then it didn’t send it to channel B, but send it to other channels.
I also tried sending it through backendless console, and the error occurred is “Internal server error with id E345BDE6-703B-83E4-FFD7-E932870E1200” and once it also showed this one "Server temporarily unavailable ".

Thanks for your feedback.
Please, try again now.

Thanks it’s working. I have another question. I received a push notification after a few minutes of its arrival when i click on it, it didn’t retrieve the message content properly. And Also Do i have to register the device every time i open it or it is sufficient if i register it only once after installation.


I’ll try to help you with your questions

    I'm not sure that I understand what you mean "... it didn't retrieve the message content properly", could you provide more information what exactly does not work, or provide example for us for reproduce the problem Enough to register device only once
Regards, Vlad