Push Notifications Issues


I have detected 3 problems with Push Notifications on Backendless 4:

    The paging on the Devices tab does not work properly You cannot perform search for devices using devices ID. It only works with device token Push Notifications sent from the Devices tab do not get received by the device. I just tried iOS - did not try Android.

Hi Kam,

  1. You are correct, paging does not work on the Messaging section

  2. Search does work (see below). It should be done on the Data screen.

  3. Is there a password for the certificate you uploaded? Backendless requires certificates with passwords.


Hi Kam,

We’ve just tried sending push notifications to iOS and Android devices via backendless console and it worked in both cases. Check your certificate as Mark previously mentioned.

Search by deviceId works both in DeviceRegistration table and in messaging tab as well. You should use non-sql search in messaging tab.

We’ve created internal ticket to fix the problem with paging and will notify you here as soon as it’s fixed. Ticket id: BKNDLSS-15933

Regards Anton