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Question about geo category limit, and performance impact


I have some question about geo radius search

  1. Does Backendless have a limit on the max number of categories?
  2. Does having more categories influence the speed of conditioned radius search?


Hi Mian,

Backendless doesn’t have a limit for geo categories. Having more categories does impact the speed of search.

Please keep in mind that with the new support of the spatial data types in Backendless database, the previous implementation of the geolocation (the one you’re referring to) will be going away. I recommend switching your design to the new geo types.


Hi Mark,

One of my app’s main features is based on the current Backendless geolocation api.
When the geo api goes away, will my app just stop working?
Does having more categories influence the speed of search within one category?


Also, is there a deadline for geolocation api to go way? So I can plan accordingly

I’m currently using getpointcount and paging to retrieve all points from search in radius, as there might be more than 100.
Does the new spatial data api requires paging? If so, is there a way to get point count?

We have not decided how long the “old” geolocation will be there.

Yes, having more geocategories should not impact the speed of retrieval from one category.

As for your questions about new geo, it is better for you to read the documentation first:


With the new spatial api, should I use different data tables as geocategories?

You could do that OR you could store category name in a separate column.