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Question about pricing

(Kévin Cardoso de Sá) #1

Hello, since parse is shutting down I am searching for a new backend solution. I read the pricing for Backendless and it says it has 50 API calls per second and the extension price for +10 API calls is $50 per month. What I want to know is: the backend locks the number of API calls per second if I choose the free package AND when the 51th call is executed the backend will block it OR the backend will allow it and at the end of the month I will be charged $50?

(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Kévin,

It is not the 51st call, but 3001st call. We prorate the API calls per minute. With 50 calls/sec you get 3000 calls per minute (50*60). That means during any given minute your app can make 3000 calls for free. If you make 3001st call before the minute is up, the call will be rejected unless you purchase a function pack.

Hope this helps.